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Rey's Anatomy - Volume 2

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Rey's Anatomy - Volume 2: Upper Body
In addition to the group roundtable discussion which addresses the more personal questions that might not come up in consultation, the topics covered in volume  2 are as follows:

Upper Body Sculpting

  • Types of candidates for sculpting
  • Types of sculpting procedures
  • Relationship between upper body sculpting and liposuction
  • Description of sculpting procedure
  • Patient’s reasons for wanting sculpting
  • Scarring
  • Patient goals
  • How skin reacts after surgery
  • Risks
  • Recovery guidelines


  • Types of situations that lead to desire for liposuction
  • Types of liposuction procedures
    • Description of liposuction procedures
  • Scarring and placement of incisions
  • Relationship between liposuction and diet/exercise
  • Patient’s reasons for wanting lift; goals from procedure
  • Recovery
  • Risks

Tummy Tuck

  • Types of candidates for tummy tuck
  • Description of tummy tuck procedure
  • Length and placement of incision
  • Patient’s reasons for wanting tummy tuck; goals from procedure
  • Relationship between tummy tuck and future pregnancy
  • Relationship between tummy tuck and liposuction
  • Scarring
  • Expectation of results
  • Recovery
  • Risks

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